Spokane Farm Corridors

Pleasant Prairie Farms


Owner & Operator

Steve and Lauri Williams

Products / Specialization

Blueberries, other seasonal berries

Farm Bio

We are a U-Pick farm located right off Bigelow Gulch and Argonne Rd. Our farm consists mainly of blueberries, but we have a large raspberry patch and are putting in other seasonal berries. We also sell already-picked blueberries by the gallon to order. We started planting blueberry bushes about ten years ago and have continued growing our farm since then. We started selling already-picked blueberries about four years ago and opened for U-Pick in the summer of 2022. Please watch our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pleasantprairiefarms/ for dates and times we are open. Blueberries start ripening around the 2nd week of July and we have varieties that ripen clear into the end of September. See you on the farm!

Contact Info & Location

10026 E Tate Rd

Spokane, WA 99217



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